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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Builder

Question: How can I be sure I won’t lose my domain name if I transfer it to Franklin Electric or Ferguson Advertising?
The way this service is set up does not require or even allow you to transfer ownership of your domain name (also called a website address) to any other entity. You will retain ownership and management of your domain name. Our instructions will walk you through the process of redirecting your domain name to the Franklin Electric servers, where your new website is. You will have complete freedom to redirect this back to your existing server or a new one whenever you wish.

Question: Where can I find instructions on how to buy or register a new domain name (web address)?
You can download instructions here. For help from your preferred domain registrar, you can usually find a support or FAQ page on their website. Below are links to get you started with a few of the top providers:

Question: Where can I find instructions on how to point my domain/web address to my new website?
You can download instructions here. For help from your preferred domain registrar, you can usually find a support or FAQ page on their website. This may only be available after you log in to your account.


Google AdWords Marketing

Question: How much does a click cost in AdWords?
It all depends on your market and the competition in your market.

AdWords marketing works more like an auction for each separate ad placement. The cost difference is affected by how much competition there is in your advertising area for the keywords you’re bidding on.

However, you only pay for an ad when it’s clicked; how much you pay for that click is called the Cost Per Click (CPC). Depending on your location, your keywords (which we base on the services you offer) and the competition in your area, the CPC will be very different.

On the AdWords page, we have provided a “Sample monthly Google AdWords Budget,” which we regularly update. To get the most “bang for your buck,” we recommend you start by committing to one month of AdWords advertising. Choose what you’re comfortable spending for that month, and make sure it’s less than or equal to the maximum recommended spend for your region. After each month of advertising, you will be provided with a monthly report to assess how your ads are performing, and you can increase or decrease your budget as you see fit.

Question: Is there firewall protection between my Key Dealer account and AdWords?
The two systems are not connected, so there is no security risk. Our team of digital marketing specialists instead retrieves your information each month from the highly-secure Key Dealer website and manually enters data into your Google AdWords campaign.

Question: Where can I find instructions on how to set up Google My Business?
You can download the PDF here. For any other Google support questions, we encourage you to visit or email our tech support team at