Certified Contractor Program

The Franklin Certified Contractor program recognizes qualified contractors for their technical expertise in the water systems industry. To this end, Franklin Electric provides training opportunities for contractors affiliated with its Key Dealer program. The Franklin Certified Contractor program is designed to:

  • provide water systems contractors with a means to differentiate themselves by recognizing their competence and expertise with Franklin products; and
  • reward those contractors who demonstrate a commitment to technical excellence via this program.

The Franklin Certified Contractor program consists of two primary components: the BASE level program and the EXPERT level program. In the BASE level program, the contractor earns recognition as a Franklin Certified Contractor. Building on that, a contractor may earn an EXPERT designation in Industrial-Irrigation and/or Drives. Once a contractor becomes Franklin Certified, he may add one or more of the EXPERT designations at any time by meeting the requirements.

Certification Requirements

BASE Level

  1. The contractor must be licensed as a groundwater professional in his respective state (if state requirements are in place).
  2. The contractor must attend a comprehensive FranklinTECH seminar. This may either take place at the Wilburton, Oklahoma campus or at a designated FranklinTECH On-The-Road (OTR) location.

3 Exceptions
Experienced contractors with 5 or more years of experience in the water systems industry may apply for BASIC certification by “testing out” using the on-line, Certified Contractor Exam. For more details, contact your water systems distributor or Franklin Electric Field Service Engineer or Territory Manager.

There is no “test out” exam for the EXPERT level designations.

A contractor wishing to add an EXPERT designation to his Franklin Certified Contractor status must attend a seminar for each EXPERT designation he wishes to attain. Currently, two EXPERT level designations are available on this program, though other EXPERT designations may be added in the future. Current designations are:

  • Irrigation/Industrial EXPERT
  • Drives EXPERT

Certification Period
All certifications are valid for two (2) plus years, expiring on December 31. For example, a contractor’s certification that was obtained in June 2012, would expire on December 31, 2014.

Course Outlines

Franklin Certified Contractor (BASE Level)
This is an introductory yet comprehensive day-long seminar. The program includes an introduction to:

  • Basics of centrifugal pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Pump curves & pump sizing
  • Submersible motor construction
  • Basic electricity
  • 2 -wire submersible motors
  • 3-wire submersible motors
  • Control boxes
  • Electrical meters
  • Troubleshooting
  • Variable frequency drive basics
  • SubDrive QuickPAK
  • Electronic protection devices overview
  • Putting it all together – AIM Manual overview

Variable Frequency Drives (EXPERT level)
This course is designed for the water systems contractor who is currently working in the industry and who has attained BASE level certification. The focus of this course is on variable frequency drives (VFDs), with an emphasis on troubleshooting. Topics include:

  • VFD Basics
  • Internal VFD components
  • Application of “off-the-shelf” VFDs
  • SubDrive/MonoDrive/QuickPAK review
  • VFD constant pressure sizing
  • SubDrive/MonoDrive troubleshooting
  • Selling constant pressure VFDs

Irrigation/Industrial (EXPERT level)
This course is designed for the water systems contractor who is currently working in the industry and who has attained BASE level certification. The emphasis in this course is on three-phase and higher horsepower applications. Topics include:

  • Submersible turbines
  • Large centrifugal pumps
  • Large pump sizing
  • Large submersible motor construction
  • 3-phase electricity
  • Proper application of large submersibles
  • 3-phase control panels
  • 3-phase overload protection
  • Troubleshooting 3-phase installations
  • Application of “off-the-shelf” variable frequency drives
  • SubDrive300

Solar Pumping (EXPERT Level)
Solar power continues to spread with massive growth predicted for the foreseeable future. Solar pumping systems are no exception and with today’s growing demand for expert, qualified solar water systems contractors, this can be your distinct advantage over the competition. Team with Franklin Electric to become a Franklin Certified Solar Contractor and an expert at selling and installing Franklin solar pumping systems.

Get the Knowledge You Need

  • Today’s solar market and future developments
  • Selling solar: Targeting customers and engagement
  • The leading applications for solar pumping
  • Solar pumping payback versus other power options
  • Sizing, installing, and troubleshooting Franklin solar systems


  • Expertise on selling, applying, and installing Franklin solar pumping products
  • Priority listing recognizing your certification on the Franklin Electric website
  • Customer inquiry referrals
  • Priority access to Franklin’s exceptional Field Service Engineer and Technical Service Hotline teams

Getting Started

Contact your local Field Service Engineer or the Technical Service Hotline (800-348-2420) to arrange a Solar Certified Contractor training event.

  1. Where required, be a licensed professional in your state.
  2. Attend a Franklin Electric Solar Certification training event.*

Certification is valid for two (2) years. A contractor may renew his certification by attending another updated training event.

Acknowledgment of Certification

  1. Certification Patch – Franklin Certified Contractors receive a patch for each level of certification achieved. Patches may be affixed to the contractor’s apparel for visible demonstration of his achievement.
  2. Program Certificate – Franklin Certified Contractors receive a certificate for each level of training successfully completed. Certificates include current status and expiration date.
  3. Recognition Plaque – Key Dealer companies with at least one certified employee receive a plaque recognizing this achievement.
  4. Prioritized Web Listing – Key Dealer companies with at least one certified employee will be given precedence on Franklin Electric’s online dealer locators for quick recognition by end users.
  5. Recognition in Printed Materials – Franklin Certified Contractors and/or their Key Dealer companies may be recognized periodically in Franklin publications.

Hone Your Craft
Our industry is constantly evolving with new technologies, innovations, and ideas, so we want to make sure you’re always set up for success. Franklin Electric offers a world-class program to support your business by providing training and certification geared to varying levels of expertise.

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