Author: Eric Pulley

The Only Way to Be Number 1: Google AdWords

When homeowners search for anything online, it’s rare they click past the first page of results. And, sometimes they don’t even get past the first few results that pop up. If they don’t know you already, then they aren’t going to search you by name either. To get their business, you want to be at… Read more »

New Key Dealer Benefit: Website Builder

As digital communication becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, so has the importance of having a professional, simple-to-navigate website.  When homeowners go online to search for a local well driller, you will only get the business if your name pops up in their search. If your competition has a website and… Read more »

New Key Dealer Program: Sign Up For Your Tutorial Today

Key Dealers! We want to share some incredible enhancements to our Key Dealer Program that will help you better promote your craft and business. These enhancements include a suite of services designed to help you gain market differentiation. These services range from product protection, to professional development and marketability, to unlocking exclusive access for savings… Read more »

New Program Enhancement: Technical Service Hotline Priority Access!

Effective mid-2016, we took another step in helping Key Dealers become more successful in your craft. You now gain priority access to our Technical Service Hotline, which moves you to the “front of the line” when you need technical support. All that is required is your six-digit “PIN” number. Recently, you should have received a… Read more »

Introducing…The New Homeowner Referral Program

When the phone rings, we answer. And when a homeowner calls, we want to point them in the right direction – which is you! So, the Franklin Electric Technical Service Hotline has actually been sending potential business to Key Dealers for years. You may have just never known because we haven’t made it public. Well,… Read more »